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Amount 01 Person Rs.520
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 Airport Entrance Pickup & Drop Charge – Rs.400/.
 Customer Carrying More Than The Allowed Baggage Limits Will Be Charged A Flat Rate – Rs.1000/.
 Tirupati Govindaraja Perumal – Rs.400/.
 Tirupati Iskon Temple – Rs.300/.
 Veera Raghava Perumal Temple Thiruvallur – Rs.300/.
 Tirupati Sri Venkateshwara National Park – Rs.500/.
 Narayananavanam venkateswara temple – Rs.500/.
 Sri kalahasti Trip DEZIRE / ETIOS – Rs.1200/.
 Sri kalahasti Trip INNOVA – Rs.1500/.
 Sri kalahasti Trip INNOVA CRYSTA – Rs.1800/.
 Sri kalahasti Trip TAVERA – Rs.1600/.
 Sri kalahasti Trip TEMPO – Rs.2500/.
 Tirupati Srinivasa Mangapuram ETIOS/ DEZIRE – Rs.800/.
 Tirupati Srinivasa Mangapuram INNOVA – Rs.1000/.
 Tirupati Srinivasa Mangapuram TAVERA – Rs.1000/.
 Tirupati Srinivasa Mangapuram TEMPO – Rs.1400/.
 Tirupati Srinivasa Mangapuram CRYSTA – Rs.1300/.
 Tiruttani Murugan Temple ETIOS / DEZIRE – Rs.700/.
 Tiruttani Murugan Temple INNOVA – Rs.1000/.
 Tiruttani Murugan Temple TEMPO – Rs.1500/.
 Tiruttani Murugan Temple CRYSTA – Rs.1200/.
 Tiruttani Murugan Temple TAVERA – Rs.1000/.
 Tirumala Temple & Sightseeing places ETIOS / DEZIRE – Rs.1200/.
 Tirumala Temple & Sightseeing places INNOVA – Rs.1500/.
 Tirumala Temple & Sightseeing places TEMPO – Rs.2000/.
 Tirumala Temple & Sightseeing places TAVERA – Rs.1500/.
 Tirumala Temple & Sightseeing places CRYSTA – Rs.1700/.
 vellore Golden Temple ETIOS / DEZIRE – Rs.3800/.
 vellore Golden Temple INNOVA – Rs.4500/.
 vellore Golden Temple CRYSTA – Rs.5000/.
 vellore Golden Temple TEMPO – Rs.5500/.
 Chennai Local Sightseeing ETIOS / DEZIRE – Rs.2500/.
 Chennai Local Sightseeing INNOVA – Rs.3000/.
 Chennai Local Sightseeing CRYSTA – Rs.3600/.
 Chennai Local Sightseeing TAVERA – Rs.3000/.
 Chennai Local Sightseeing TEMPO – Rs.4500/.
 Kanchipuram ETIOS / DEZIRE – Rs.2800/.
 Kanchipuram INNOVA – Rs.3300/.
 Kanchipuram CRYSTA – Rs.4000/.
 Kanchipuram TAVERA – Rs.3300/.
 Kanchipuram TEMPO – Rs.4600/.